Gravity Falls: The Dark Side of the Shack (A Fan Theory)

So with this week’s episode of Gravity Falls (“Carpet Diem”) comes some new evidence which may suggest some darker things happening in the Gravity Falls universe that has gone yet unspoken. Before we get on to that, I’d like to point out that this episode has two ciphers. They are as followed:

2-21-20 23-8-15 19-20-15-12-6 20-8-5 3-1-16-5-18-19?

But who stole the capers?


Puberty is the greatest mystery of all. Also: Go outside and make friends

Now then! On to the things this episode may be suggesting!

When Little Gideon and Bud both refer to Stan as “Stanford”, but the license plate on Stan’s car says, “Stanley”. This is important because of what we see in this episode. Soos finds a secret room in the Mystery Shack, which could have only been hidden by Stan himself. Stan, having said there were no secret rooms in the shack in that comical fashion where Soos announces the room just after Stan states there wouldn’t be one, is not shocked at all by the room existing.

That would lead us to believe Stan knew it was there and didn’t care they found it. When they enter this new room, the first thing Stan does is grab a pair of glasses that are sitting on a shelf and he hides them. This, as well, is important because we’ve seen these glasses before. In the episode “The Time Traveler’s Pig" we see what is suggested (via context) to be a younger Stan Pines (Picture).

Now the key note of interest with “younger Stan” is that his hair style and glasses are different from current day Stan. Given that the context to the scene showing “younger” Stan would suggest it is the past - we can forgive the differences and pass it on as just a thing he did at the time. The only problem is that we’re dealing with Gravity Falls and nothing can just be pushed aside. But, for now, we’ll leave it be and come back to it when it is important.

Later in the episode we see Stan holding the glasses he’d hidden and he’s looking at them thoughtfully (Picture). Now, it’s possible that the glasses may have some value to Stan. Maybe a memory or emotion attached to them. He may have hid the glasses so that the kids wouldn’t mess with them. One thing is for sure, we’ve been seeing one message since episode one repeatedly that may come in to play now.

This picture (Link) has become iconic among Fallers (Gravity Falls fans). On the picture is a simple code that translates out to: “Stan is not what he seems." Now, for anyone that is from the Twin Peaks era, you’ll notice the blatant reference to the series ("The owls are not what they seem”). In fact, there are multiple references to Twin Peaks in this show. Another point of reference is this: Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls creator) allegedly told Jason Ritter (Dipper Pines voice actor) that the picture of “younger” Stan (This picture to be exact) still held a secret that the Fallers had yet to uncover.

What secret? What could we possibly learn from that picture? Well, I think I might know.

In “Carpet Diem”, when they enter the secret room, we are shown a calender (Picture). Perhaps to suggest the last time someone was in the room. A few odd things about the calender, did you notice? Five (5) day weeks, and only twenty (20) days in the whole month. The year on the calender says it was for the year 1982. The calender shows that the month is July. The 4th day is circled. The animal is the owl. In 1982, the 4th of July was on a Sunday. The calender has it on a Wednesday. More so, there are a few other days beyond the 4th that are highlighted. These days are the 1st, 12th, 13th and 20th.

EDIT: It was pointed out to me, to my disappointment, that I forgot that July is the 7th month and not the 6th (how could I forget that? Geez.). So that takes out the whole, “THAT BAD FILM” (Which would now be, “That Bad Gilm”) cipher. But there could still be a code there - or an importance to the highlighted dates. If you figure it out, say something! Shoot me an ask with it.

Surprisingly if you take all of the numbers that can be grasped from the calender (6th month, 4th day, 20 days of which days 1, 12, 13 and 20 are also marked, and 1982; 6,4,20,1,12,13,20,1,9,8,2) you can actually get a code from it!

20-8-1-20 2-1-4 6-9-12-13


Well okay.. “That bad film” isn’t much to go on. Well, what about the owl on the calender? Could that be a clue? Sure! Why the hell not!? So what bad movie featured owls?


What about, “I Know Who Killed Me”?

That movie has owls everywhere.

I know that this seems like me grasping at straws, but stick with me here - I may have something!

What is this infamously bad Lindsay Lohan film about? Stigmatic twins.



Twin Peaks?


Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Let’s go over everything thus far, shall we?

  1. We’ve seen two names thus far with “Stan” in them: Stanley & Stanford (Stanford being Grunkle Stan’s name).
  2. Soos uncovers a room that only Stan could have hidden and known about. He also lied about the room’s existence moment before it was uncovered by Soos behind a bookcase.
  3. How do we know Stan was the one to hide the room? Well, if Stan is to have lived in the shack since 1982 - and Soos didn’t know the room existed - Stan is the only person that could have known and hidden it.
  4. When they open the room, Stan sees and hides a pair of glasses previously shown in the episode “The Time Traveler’s Pig” that was shown the be worn by a person most claim to be a younger Stan Pines. Stan is later shown looking at the glasses thoughtfully.
  5. There is an owl calender with the hidden message “That Bad Film” which can very loosely be tied to the Lindsay Lohan movie (that was a failure) called “I Know Who Killed Me” and featured twins and a bunch of owls.
  6. Every episode has the cipher code that states, “Stan is not what he seems.”

So, what is it exactly that I’m getting at? Well, I’ll tell you. People seem to think that Stan is the person behind the books that both Dipper and Gideon have. Well, what if they’re not that far off? What if a Stan was behind the books. Dipper and Mabel are twins. Stan is their Great Uncle (Grunkle). Suggesting he has/had a sibling.

Stanford & Stanley Pines: Twins.

In the episode “Boss Mabel" Mabel finds a book on being a manager that had been published in 1983. The calender in the secret room is stuck on July 1982. Stan hides a pair of glasses previously shown the be worn on someone looking like Stan in the past (via context of the scene). Stan is then seen looking at them thoughtfully.

If we jump back to the screen from every episode (picture) and we assume each of the icons in the circle is for only one character - then we have the mystery glasses and the symbol from Stan’s hat! Two different characters!

Here is what I now believed what happened:

In the 1980s Stanley and Stanford were living apart. Stanford was off living where Dipper and Mabel’s parents were to be living in the future with Dipper and Mabel - while Stanley lived in Gravity Falls. In Gravity Falls he found many a strange and wondrous things. He began writing books about objects and creatures that he found or created. Investigating Gravity Falls much like Dipper would one day end up doing. Then on the 6th of July he mysteriously died or disappeared completely.

Stanford inherited the property left behind by Stanley. Stanford hid Stanley’s old room (the secret room found in “Carpet Diem”) and a year later opened up the Mystery Shack. Perhaps to protect Stanley’s secret base of operations (now hidden by the vending machine). This would also explain why he continuously denies the existence of the weird or strange and makes such wacky sideshows to dissuade people from the truth or seeking out the truth.

Source Citing:

The Truth Is Out There, Fallers.

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